I cannot believe it has been right at a year since the last time I wrote on our blog. It really seems more like five considering everything that has happened. The Lord has worked in ways we never dreamed of and has blessed us beyond measure over the last twelve months. It’s funny how He can take a stressful season and turn it into one of the most prosperous and life changing seasons of our life thus far. Looking back now I can see all the little things that ended up playing major roles in leading us to where we are today.

We made the decision to start our journey towards financial freedom after hearing our pastor mention Dave Ramsey’s teachings during a money series last October at our church. My brother in law and sister in law had also recently completed Financial Peace University and had talked to us a few times about their experience.  I decided to read one of his books (Total Money Makeover), which little did I know at the time would drastically change our future and our marriage.

After reading that book, I was convinced we needed a change. We were doing things all the wrong way. I never wanted to be a couple who fought about money, but we did, ALL THE TIME! Josh had his ideas of how to handle our money and save and I had my ideas on how to spend it. I never really was much of a saver. So when I came to him and said I wanted to do this he was 100% on board and so proud that I finally decided I no longer wanted to be careless with money. We committed to the process wholeheartedly and it is amazing how quickly we began to turn things around. I never thought I would look forward to a monthly budget meeting with my husband!

While we worked the baby steps we put all the work with our house (and workshop) on hold. After six months of busting our tails to get our debt paid down we decided as reward for working so hard to save some money and finish the projects we started last summer, particularly Josh’s workshop. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to walk into Lowe’s and pay cash for everything you need/want and not feel guilty about it!

It may have taken us a year to complete his workshop, but it was worth every penny and every lesson we have learned along the way. And the smile on his face when he is out there working isn’t half bad either.