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Living in Chaos

I knew when we bought this house that there were multiple projects both Josh and I wanted to dive right into. But for this type A girl it has been awfully hard to wake up in the morning or come home from work to a messy house! Our house truly feels like a chaotic construction zone and sometimes I wonder what I have gotten myself into. I know once everything is completed we will love the house even more because it will have our special touch on it, but it seems like such a long road filled with too many trips to Lowe’s (we’ve already made 8 trips in the last week alone) and a lot of long days and nights. The best part is that Josh is home way more than I am working on things, so when I come home there’s always something new to see.

Currently we have multiple projects going on through out the house. I decided since Josh was doing a lot of work in the kitchen area I would focus on our bedroom not only to stay out of his way, but it was something I knew I could handle on my own. I did a little searching on Pinterest to come up with a color palette and decorating ideas. Finally I was able to find a few looks I really loved that I could combine, while also keeping Josh’s wishes that nothing in the house be too “girly”. I wanted to stay neutral and keep using all the same bedding and furniture in our bedroom currently, so I settled on a navy, white, light grey, and gold. Immediately Josh was against the idea of any gold, but I convinced him to trust me and that it would only be minimal accents in gold. So first thing I did was pick a new wall color, it was originally a tan that carried through the entire house. I went with a Sherwin Williams paint called Windstorm and it turned out BEAUTIFULLY! Thankfully I was able to paint the whole room Saturday and get our room put back together.


Later this week I am planning to tackle two more projects specifically for our bedroom. I’ve been wanting to redo a set of dressers I found at a thrift store that I originally redid for my college apartment. Josh has also been asking me to repaint them since we got married. The second project involves some art work for either side of the bed with our vows. So keep a look out for both of those updates and photos later this week!

Josh has multiple projects he has been working on with his dad and a family friend for the last week including building a pantry, installing french doors and building a deck. These projects are also where my feelings of anxiety and feeling like I’m living in chaos have come from. Our house has tools and saw dust EVERYWHERE! But when your cutting massive holes in the side of your house and putting up new walls, I can’t expect it to stay clean! Below are some before photos and progress photos.

IMG_3264 IMG_3280Thankfully our kitchen had a perfect area to add a pantry and give us much needed storage space! It took Josh about two days to get the pantry to this point, and after one more day of work it will be complete!

IMG_3290IMG_3289 The idea to add the french doors in the kitchen came from my mom (thank you!). Not only does it add a tremendous amount of natural light but it is also very functional to have an additional outdoor space and easy access to the grill. The idea of the doors initially presented a challenge because they had to swing out so that we could still place an island in the kitchen. We searched for any alternatives because we quickly found that out swing doors are considered custom and special order. Our budget had no room for anything custom! Josh tried to convince me to settle on a set of sliding glass doors, as they saved space and would not break the bank.

IMG_3279 IMG_3281We decided to check out our local Habitat Restore to make sure we shopped around before making a decision and boy am I thankful we did! Someone had donated a brand new set of out swing french doors that even had the transom window that I originally wanted! It was a major blessing and took a lot of stress off finding the right doors without overspending.

As you can tell Josh has been working extremely hard this week and I am so proud of all the progress he has made. I am trying daily to remind myself that living in what I feel like is chaos will come with a great payoff in the end. The trouble is worth it and we just have to keep moving forward until we have a home Josh and I both adore!


Getting Started

I’ve been contemplating blogging for months now, but every time I thought about all the steps to get started it seemed so daunting and overwhelming. But somehow I convinced myself to begin probably during one of the busiest weeks of my life. Joshua and I bought a home and moved to Leeds, AL last weekend and I began a brand new job in Birmingham. The past two weeks have felt like complete chaos at times, but looking back I see how blessed we truly are. Although there were bumps in the road and some days did not go as planned we are here in our home and I am loving my new job. Realizing this brought me to the point where I am now, reminding myself that everything does not have to come together immediately (something Josh has reminded me of often, but I can be stubborn). It is okay that my new home is not perfectly put together and decorated like a pin on pinterest. Just because I still have boxes to unpack and projects to complete does not mean that I cannot sit and relax for a moment, reflect on my day, be thankful and write.

So, why did I decide to start blogging? Honestly there are many reasons, one in particular being for our friends and family that do not live close by to keep up with our lives as it is constantly changing and growing. Another is to have a creative outlet where I can share the remodeling projects Josh and I have planned for our new home and other DIY crafts. I want to be able to share this exciting journey that we have begun while also allowing myself to reflect. I believe reflection leads to growth, and growth is essential in life. I am constantly striving to be a better Christian, a better wife, a better nurse, and the list goes on.

I hope this gives you a glimpse as to where we are currently and please be in prayer for us as we continue forward in our journey. Check back often, I hope to write at least a few times a week.

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